White Lotus perfume oil


White Lotus perfume oil – LIMITED EDITION

Invite the WHITE LOTUS into your life !

It takes you to a place where you`re able to immerse yourself into a blissful state.



We invited the WHITE LOTUS for a specific reason , to assist energetically  a woman when  she goes through major shifts in her life.  It helps to soften those moods, brings pure  feminine energy , uplifts and takes you into a mesmerizing bliss.  Can you hear the : ahhhh   ?

Did you know the Buddhists call it : the womb of the world

It literally takes you into a soft energetic  blanky , where you feel loved, beautiful and connected.

WHITE LOTUS roll on perfume  oil with a pure , sweet flowery sense with a touch Rose and Vanilla. Its a carefully  crafted  pure , clean, vegan, organic  essential oils blend.

A perfect oil to use before work /meditation/yoga to feel connected and bring mental clarity .

Use daily on you just to feel beautifully feminine and to attract purity, beauty and prosperity into your life.

Enjoy the journey with it , its beautiful !


For the best result ,  more intense , deep sense  ROLL the perfume oil on clean , well hydrated skin. On your inner wrist, lower arm , back of your neck , on any pulse points.


Ingredients :

White Lotus Absolute* , Rose Damascus *, Pink Grapefruit *,Vanilla Absolute * ,VitaminE , Sweet Almond Oil * Glycerine    * Certified Organic


Vegan , Clean ,100% Handmade -Organic ,Non-Toxic





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