Our Story

Hi, I’m Edina, founder of Edorsa Artisan Skincare.

I believe anything we touch, do, and meet connects with an energetic cord inside of us.

My cord connected to the beauty industry nearly 30 years ago in Hungary, where I became an Aesthetician. Living in a world filled with many traditions, routines, and deep loyalties, I admired women from all walks of life as they contributed to all without compromising their beauty routine as their world spun around!

Over the years I continued my tribute as a skin care therapist, working with many amazing women to find the right knowledge, and to lead women to their best choices in the crowded beauty industry. While I was working across the world, I was introduced to a natural, aloe based product which I immediately fell in love with. I saw the rapid, visible changes and how aloe fit perfectly into my golden skin care routine.

After settling down with my family on the beautiful coast of Australia, I was living in the family bubble, running our busy life while I neglected my own traditional roots and need for being ‘beautiful.’ Feeling a deep urge to reach back to the comfort of daily routine, and to do something for myself again, I reached out for the aloe product – but this time … I saw huge changes in my tired skin. Friends started to ask about my secret, and how to have flawless skin!

So here I am, having worked for many years on the creation of Edorsa Artisan Skincare … to share with you this powerful Aloe product and a few other  award winning oils, so that you too can have well-cared, revised skincare ritual for yourself.

I hope you fall in love with them as much as I did. 

My special cord connects through the importance of continuous women selfcare, and I hope to connect with you too.

Always with love & gratitude ,


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