24K golden – energy beauty bar – face massager device



24K Golden – energy beauty bar – luxurious face massager device

Its a little tool every woman needs in her skincare ritual .

A 24-karat, T-shaped, vibrating facial tool that allegedly lifts, contours, and depuffs the skin.

I call it a lazy day face yoga tool , as you can do  it even while you watching your favourite movie. It`s that easy to use. The T-Shaped head adds mild ,6000 rotations per minute of the vibration, to push and patting face skin and therapeutic point. How relaxing is this ?

The benefits of using the tool :

  • The vibrational tool activates the  skin to keep moist & elastic through vibration.
  • Reshapes your face contour, by toning up muscles.
  • Helps restore skin radiance, firmness & elasticity.
  • Eliminates tired looking eyes, smooths wrinkles
  • Enrich the skin & promote blood circulation

Using the facial massager it`s so uncomplicated :

Simply apply Aloe Hydrating Serum or Golden Drops or the NEW Green Gold skincare products on your skin , and use the massager to gently massage them into your skin. The vibrations help enhance the effectiveness of your products . A perfect tool for everyday face yoga and a last minute face toning before applying your gorgeous makeup.

It comes in a little black poach , perfectly fits in any makeup bag on the go .

* Power: 1*AA battery(Not included)*


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